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Couple of things so the locals won't think you're from out of town:

Oregon is pronounced: Ore-gun NOT Ore-gone
Willamette is pronounced: Willamette NOT Will-a-mette
Couch is pronounced: Cooch
MacAdam is pronounced: McAdam

There is one river, the Willamette, running through downtown Portland. There are 10 bridges that cross it in the Portland metro area.

What highways are called on the traffic reports:
26 = US Route 26 in Oregon
Banfield = Interstate 84 – I-84, (this name applies to highway east side of the Willamette river)
Glenn Jackson Bridge – I-205 over the Columbia river
Freemont bridge – I-405 crosses over the Willamette river
Interstate bridge – I-5 crosses over the Columbia river

Portland is a breakfast town. If you want to go out to breakfast do it EARLY and expect a wait.
Fact: in 2014 100,000 people moved to Oregon - housing is now at a premium, if you can find it.