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Left Coast Crime: Crimelandia

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Lewis & Calrk salt carin is located in Seaside, Or.

Lewis and Clark Fort Clatsop
Where they wintered after discovering the Pacific ocean.

Lewis and Clark trail
History buffs – this is your chance to walk in their foot steps.

Oregon Trail
Travel like the pioneers.

Oregon Trail Wagon ruts
Yes there are actually some of these still visable.

Missoula floods
Geologic nerds this one's for you!

Destroyed by a flood, was the largest city in Oregon during WWII.

Ten years ago you could climb the hill behind the high school and dig for fossils.

Hanford Nuclear Site
Want to see the biggest waste site on the globe? Have a hankering to glow in the dark? This is where the Uranium for the two bombs that were dropped on Japan were processed.
(Across the Columbia in Washington State)