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Left Coast Crime: Crimelandia

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Sauvie Island
Is a small natural oasis surrounded by urban sprawl. Farmer's markets, bird watching and bike riding.

Mt. Hood
Is about 100 miles, 3 hour drive east of town. On clear days you can see it from Portland.

Mt. St. Helens
Seen on a clear day from town. 70 miles north and a 2 hour drive.

Seaside, Oregon
If you are looking for sandy beaches and surf this is only a couple hour drive west.

Astoria Oregon
Movie buffs will recognize this location for Goonies, Short Circuit and Kindergarten Cop

Astoria column

Multnomah falls
About an hour drive east into the Gorge.

Columbia Gorge
If you are up for a drive and want to see some spectacular scenery this is something to see. Be aware sustained winds 30~40 miles an hour are the norm.

Crown Point
Overlook the splendor of the Columbia Gorge. Note: strong winds in excess of 50 mph can be found here.

Painted Hills
If its been raining the color can be awe inspiring.

Pendelton, OR
For the cowboy/girl this is a must see spot.

The Oregon Vortex
If you are looking for something weird, this is it in Southern Oregon.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Nuff said.

Oregon Caves

Rogue River
If you like your river's wild – check this out.

Crater Lake
The bluest water/lake you will ever see.

Oregon Aquarium
You all remember 'Free Willy'?

Oregon Lighthouses
We've got you covered

Oregon Covered Bridges
36 of these beauties.

Steam power
Interested in old machines?