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Happy New YearJanuary 2, 2016

    Hard to believe that its 2016 already! We made it through all the insanity that is the ‘Holiday’ season and have a whole year laid out in front of us.
    I didn’t have much chance to write for the last half of 2015, as you can tell from my website. Real life reared its ugly head and stopped me cold. Something I’m not going to let happen this year. If I can’t write every day I will set aside one day for it. I’m not a big resolution person, but as I get older, I have less tolerance for not getting what I want.
    All of the projects that were going to get finished last year have slopped over. Which is fine, it makes me more determined to follow through and do ‘em.
    I’ve got to be better about time management and saying ‘yes,’ when I should just keep my mouth shut. Inertia and laziness also play a part in things - even if I don’t feel 'creative' I should get out a writing prompt anyway.
    Something else I feel I need to do is make clear goals for what I need to accomplish this year. And what I want to accomplish. I will give myself deadlines for posts to my website(s). It’s not enough to have a topic and think, "I'll put this up next month." I will try to have a hard date for the submission. I've got those for the publications/blogs that I will be submitting to. I find those kinds of things can really motivate you. ;)
    For me, my goal, for 2016, is the year of writing - come along if you dare!


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