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October 4,2022

    Have you heard of this? If you haven’t its probably because you don’t sell or buy things online, specifically Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

    The scam goes something like this: someone contacts you with interest in what you’ve listed for sale, but they’re hesitant about buying stating the rash of fake postings. They send you a verification code from Google Voice saying they want to set up a secure link between your phone and theirs using Google Voice. You then give them the Google Voice verification code.

        “Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson!!!”

    Google Voice is a real thing, it allows you to use your mobile device to set up a free phone number to be used on a website or mobile device. (A second phone number on your cell phone.)

    Here’s the problem, the scammer will use your number to set up a Google Voice account, sending you the verification number, which you give them, allowing them to activate the account, which THEY now have full control over. They can now use your the Google Voice number which is Tied to your Actual mobile device, to setup any number of scams. When those scams are busted the authorities are going to come looking for YOU because your actual phone number was the base for the scam. :( :( :(

    Never give the verification code to Google Voice, or anything else to someone you DON’T know!!!

    If this has happened to you follow these steps to reclaim your Google Voice number.

    To protect yourself get a Google Voice number, its free, it doesn’t impact your cell phone in anyway. It could be used to buy tickets or anything online when they ask for a phone number. NOTE: some sites will not accept a GV number for this kind of things since its is not a ‘real’ phone number issued by a phone carrier.

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